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Asphalt 9 legends mod apk


Asphalt 9 Legends a Brief History

The mobile gaming industry has been lacking a truly great street racer for a while now. There have been a plenty of valiant efforts, but none has perfectly captured the essence of throbbing engines and screeching rubber. At least nothing until now.

Asphalt 9 legends is a breathtaking arcade racer that deals out tension and high octane action in equal measure, all the while setting a new standard for polish and presentation.



Asphalt 9 legends is a gorgeous reminder that Mobile gaming industry is as much a legitimate platform for triple-A experiences as they are for exciting indie diversions.
You will pass trucks at breakneck speeds, dart through traffic with your breath held, and smash through billboard hidden shortcuts to gain a valuable few seconds. It’s the controls that really make the experience work. Now let’s talk about the optimization.

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We have tested around 10 Android Devices ranging from 2 GB to 6GB ram, and I can say that this game is not fully optimized. 4 GB ram is enough in smartphones that run 2018 games, but this game is yet to receive newer updates. Basically, the graphics engine is the same from the previous Asphalt series, they just tweaked some more extra textures in the game. So currently as of now, play this game on at least 6 GB ram devices in order to fully enjoy it on decent Frames per second.




Asphalt 9 Legends Race Modes

Asphalt 9 legends offer a great number of game modes which will keep you busy playing the game. But in the career mode of this game, there are currently 3 race modes in asphalt 9 legends:

  • Classic
  • Time Attack
  • Hunted
  • Elimination
  • Stunts
  • Overclock



Asphalt 9 Legends Tracks List

Asphalt 9 legends Classic race Mode

The Classic race mode is the simplest, your main goal is to win the game. You will receive stars according to your performance in the game. Completing all objectives and coming to the first place will get you 5 stars.

Asphalt 9 legends Time attack race mode

In Time attack races your objective is to cross the finish line before the timer runs out. There could be multiple laps in a single game with different times. You will also get extra time for crossing each checkpoint.

Asphalt 9 legends Hunted race mode

This is the most interesting race mode in the game. In hunted race mode, cops will hunt you for arrest. Your objective is to win the game before they arrest you. You can also rack a police car which will give you extra reward points. You can rack a police car by either land on them, shockwave-knockdown, hit them with Super nitro or do a 360.

Asphalt 9 Legends Elimination race mode

In elimination mode, whoever is in the last place during a race will be eliminated by completing each lap. Your objective is to stay ahead of everyone.

Asphalt 9 Legends Stunts race mode

This is the most interesting race mode in the game. In stunt mode, you have to perform a different stunt in the game in order to receive points. Once your points reach a specified limit, you will win the race.

Asphalt 9 legends Overclock race mode

In overclock race mode, a car gets overclocked if it stays at the last position. Overclock increases a car stats for a specific period of time while overload decreases it. The main objective here is to win the game.


asphalt 9 legends system Requirements


Asphalt 9 Legends System requirements

The game is not yet well optimized like Asphalt 8. I remember playing asphalt 8 on my 1 GB ram tab and the game runs smoothly. But Asphalt 9 legends performance on a 3GB Ram Android Device is not good as it was previously. The developers will optimize the game with newer software updates. Check Asphalt 9 for Pc as well.

The minimum system requirements for each gaming platform are listed below.


Asphalt 9 legends Android System requirement

  • OS: Android 4.3.0 Jelly Bean
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz (Snapdragon 425) Quad-Core processor
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage: 1.5 GB free space for the first installation
  • Touch: Responsive touchscreen
  • Network: An active internet connection

Asphalt 9 Legends IOS System requirement

  • OS: IOS 9.0
  • Processor: Apple A7 x64 chip
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Storage: 1.5 GB
  • Touch: Responsive Touchscreen
  • Network: An active internet connection

Asphalt 9 legends Windows system requirement

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: 3.3GHz (core i3)
  • Direct X: Version 10
  • Graphic: Intel HD dedicated graphics (4000)
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 1.80 GB
  • Touch: responsive touchscreen, Keyboard, controller
  • Network: An active internet connection


Asphalt 9 Legends tracks

Asphalt 9 legends offer tons of great location to enjoy those late night gaming experience. The tracks of asphalt 9 legends range San Francisco to the U.S Midwest. More tracks will be added with newer updates. There are currently 7 tracks in the game.

  • Cairo
  • Scotland
  • San Francisco
  • Shangai
  • Rome
  • Himalayas
  • U.S Midwest


Asphalt 9 legends Mod Apk

We have the latest version of Asphalt 9 Legends mod Apk + Data file. Download these files and follow the steps to get unlimited resources and nitro hack. Asphalt 9 Legends Apk file is already updated to the newer version. If the game asks you to update to the newer files then you can update the game. This is an online Multiplayer game so you need an active internet connection to play this game. We have tested this apk file with over 2-3 Updates on our Android devices with No lag or Ban. If your device will get banned after you update the game then please use a VPN to change your DNS and IP. This will allow you to update the game in the future.

Asphalt 9 legends Mod Apk Requirements

  • Internet connection
  • File Extractor
  • VPN
  • 3 GB Ram devices or above

Asphalt 9 Legends Mod Apk Installation Instruction

First of all, you have to download all the three files provided in the link.

  • Copy these files in your smartphone
  • Now locate the directory where you have copied these files
  • Click on Asphalt 9 Apk and install
  • Wait for the installation to complete
  • Now extract the part 1 data file.
Note: When you extract part 1, part 2 will automatically extract itself.
  • Now wait for the files to extract
  • Once the process is complete, open the folder.
  • You will now see a .obb file
  • Cut this file into the directory Storage>Android>obb and paste it here
  • Installation is complete now you can easily play this game

In order to play Asphalt 9 legends on VPN

  • Download any VPN from Google Play store.
  • Enter any Email ID and password
  • Keep the VPN application running on the background
  • Launch the game and enjoy
Note: It’s good to use the same VPN if an Update arrives.



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Asphalt 9 Legends In-App Purchases

Prices may change with each update or special offers.

Starter Pack 1 -Advanced$1.99
A handful of tokens$1.99
Car Racing Legends 1$3.99
Ultra-Charged Bundle$4.99
A stack of Tokens$4.99
Car Racing Legend 3$6.99
Starter Pack 2$6.99
A hoard of Tokens$9.99
Mountain of Tokens$19.99


Asphalt 9 Legends Download Store Wiki

We have listed down the most general information for asphalt 9 legends download store.

Asphalt 9 legends Google Play store.

Asphalt 9 legends were released for google play store globally on 25 July 2018. The game has been since downloaded for 5,000,000+ times and received a rating of 4.6 with 390k+ reviews. The game offers in-app digital purchases with a 3+ content rating.

Asphalt 9 legends IOS play store

Asphalt 9 legends were released for App store on 26 February 2018. The game received a rating of 4.8 out of 5 with a total of 126.2k reviews. The game offers in-App digital purchases with a 12+ content rating for Mild Realistic Violence.

Asphalt 9 legends Windows store

Asphalt 9 legends were released for Windows store on 7 July 2018. The game received a rating of 4.6 with a total of 2k+ reviews. The game offers in app-digital purchases with a 3+ content rating.